AMNIOX Medical is a subsidiary of TissueTech™, Inc, a leader in the development of human amniotic and umbilical cord products for use in regenerative medicine. AMNIOX Medical, founded in 2011, is based in Miami, FL and focuses on wound care and orthopedic markets.

Since TissueTech’s inception in 1997, more than 250,000 patients have been treated with TissueTech cryopreserved placental products. The Company’s groundbreaking scientific and clinical achievements have been documented in more than 300 peer-reviewed publications since 1995. Bench science is a major part of the company’s culture, and new clinical applications for their tissue are well-supported by multiple studies.

The development process for the Company’s proprietary technology began in 1986 with the first award of a National Institute of Health research grant to the Company’s founder, Scheffer C. G. Tseng, MD, PhD.

Since then, Dr. Tseng has spearheaded efforts in the scientific and clinical community to utilize the innate regenerative properties of human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord to promote scarless healing.

TissueTech’s cryopreserved umbilical cord product, called NEOX CORD1K™, is approved by Medicare for use in wounds and is supported by multiple studies. Orthopedic applications of CORD1K include nerve procedures, tendon repair, and as an annular patch after microdiscectomy. Joint pain is treatable with FLO particulate matrix, an injectable format. Please see the files on Wounds and Orthopedic Clinical Applications  for more information.