A spinoff of the well-known Tissue Banks International, AZIYO Biologics is a California-based tissue bank specializing in musculoskeletal allografts. While AZIYO is relatively new, their allograft processing technology is not, having been developed and refined by TBI decades before. After a period of restructuring and retraining of all technicians, AZIYO has brought exceptional sports medicine tendons and dermis to the reconstructive market.

All tissues are aseptically recovered and processed prior to sterilization using Method VD15Max. Low-dose gamma radiation is administered at ultra-low dry ice temperatures.

InteguPly™, AZIYO’s acellular dermis, undergoes gentle processing to keep the native extracellular matrix intact while eliminating antigenic material. InteguPly is subjected to rigorous lot-by-lot histological testing to ensure structural integrity is maintained, as well as non-reactivity in regards to MHC Class I and MHC Class II antigens. InteguPly also demonstrates superior mechanical properties, with tensile strength test results exceeding that of competing products, as tested by an independent lab.

AZIYO has recently acquired CorMatrix, a xenograft line for cardiovascular applications. CorMatrix grafts are porcine small intestine submucosa (SIS), a scaffold well-known for its strength and biocompatibility.