CellRight Technologies Inc. is an orthobiologics company founded in 2011. CellRight is committed to providing verified osteoinductive implants, and the company tests every lot of every bone grafting product post-sterilization, both in vitro and in vivo prior to release.

CellRight offers a portfolio including MatrixOI cancellous sponge, MatrixCellect 100 DBM Putty and DBM Crunch, acellular dermis, sports medicine tendons, and some conventional bone grafts. All allografts are aseptically recovered and processed using CellRight’s BioRinse protocol. Low-dose gamma radiation is administered at ultra-low dry ice temperatures to achieve terminal sterilization.

A landmark product developed by CellRight is ConCelltrate 100, a demineralized micro-particulate shaped specifically to expose more surface area growth factors. ConCelltrate may be mixed with any liquid (PRP, blood, bone marrow, saline) to form a paste or moldable putty. Handling is tunable to a surgeon’s preferred consistency based on the ratio of ConCelltrate to liquid.

ConCelltrate is 100% demineralized bone with no extrinsic carriers and has been found to have up to 40x the BMP2 activity of control products when studied. Additionally, ConCelltrate is compatible with live cells delivered by the liquid medium; in an independent investigation by a manufacturer of a PRP concentration device, ConCelltrate mixed concentrated mesenchymal stem cells maintained greater than 98% cell viability after 2 hours.

CellRight was recently purchased by Tissue Regenix, a UK-based biologics company with a soft-tissue portfolio for wound and reconstructive markets. This will undoubtedly expand the portfolio offered both in the US and abroad over the coming year. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting merger.