DCI Donor Services, Inc. is a musculoskeletal tissue bank located in Nashville, TN. DCIDS includes its own Organ Procurement Organization and Eye Bank, and has locations in Nevada, New Mexico, and California which are managed by local Donor Services teams in those areas.

DCIDS uses CLIA-certified testing laboratories for all serological testing. Tissue is processed in ISO Class 5 (Class 100) clean rooms. Since 1997, DCIDS has licensed the Allowash tissue processing protocol from Lifenet Health. Allowash is a proprietary patented cleansing technology for bio-implants.

Offering both low-dose irradiated sterile grafts and non-irradiated aseptically processed grafts, DCIDS can meet varied surgeon preferences.

DCIDS has a broad portfolio of tendons, acellular dermis, fresh skin, dental products, and traditional bone allografts including long bones and sections. Most bone grafts are available frozen or freeze-dried to suit a facility’s needs. DCIDS is also capable of cutting custom grafts for complex cases with advance notice.