is an authorized dealer for US Scientific, a manufacturer of ultra low temperature freezers, laboratory casework, PCR units, and other professional and technical equipment needed by medical and life sciences facilities.

Frozen allografts must be stored at ultra-low temperatures to maintain their viability. For example, tendons require storage at temperatures below -40°C for full shelf life, making it critical to have a freezer with a sizable lower range to accommodate temperature changes with freezer door opening.

US Scientific freezers range from -10 to -86°C and come in these size and power options to meet your facility’s storage needs:

  • Model HL100  3.5 cu feet
  • Model HL388s  13.7 cu feet
  • Model HL538s  19 cu feet
  • Model HL778-115v  27.1 cu feet
  • Model HL778-208v  27.1 cu feet

US Scientific was created with the medical and life sciences environments in mind, and include these key features:

  • Digital control panel with temperature display and password protected settings
  • Audible and visual alarm for high/low temperature out of range, power outage, low battery, door opening, filter block, or system failure
  • Low noise level―as low as 48 decibels
  • German-made Danfoss compressor with 5-year warranty
  • Download spec sheets right here.

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