is an authorized dealer for Arctiko, a Danish manufacturer of ultra low temperature freezers needed by medical and life sciences facilities.

Frozen allografts must be stored at ultra-low temperatures to maintain their viability and maximize shelf life. For example, tendons require storage at temperatures below -40°C for full shelf life, making it critical to have a tissue freezer with a sizable lower range to accommodate temperature changes with freezer door opening. We prefer our customers select ultra low -86°C freezers when possible, for extended tissue shelf life and inventory safety. Frozen tissues stored at temperatures between -20°C and -39°C will typically have a reduced shelf life of 6 months after storage commenced at that temp range.

Arctiko customer service and manufacturing standards are best in class. Arctiko is an international company delivering advanced and customized cooling and freezing solutions for health care & life science segments globally. For more information on Arctiko ultra low chest freezer and ultra low upright freezer models, please click below to download the company brochure, or call today to discuss your needs and get a custom quote including shipping costs.